Friday, February 13, 2009

We fell off, er I did.

We have fallen off this wagon big time!! We are getting back on though, I will not let this be an excuse to just quit. It all started when we moved. There was a lot of eating out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's kinda hard to cook and all when all of you dishes, food, and pots & pans are packed and being moved. But we didn't stop there. We continued to eat out every day for about a week, and all meals on the weekends. We were running ragged trying to go back and forth painting my Mom's house and all. Then when I did get the time to go to the store and buy some food to cook I couldn't find my coupons that I had clipped before we moved (still can't find them).

Then we got our income tax return back and I planed on paying off our Target card with it but I really can't bring my self to do that because that would use up most of our money and only leave us with $300. That would be plenty if we had some money coming in. But neither Bob nor I have found a job yet so it seems silly to pay off a card, be left with no money, then charge the card back up to buy groceries. Sigh. So my plan is to put the pay off amount in our savings account so that is out of our direct grasp and then if we need to use it for something we have it but we will try to get by without it and then when we have something coming in we will pay off the Target card. Did that make sense?

Then yesterday I went to the mall to buy me some jeans. I know, against the rules, and yeah the mall what was I thinking! First, I have zero jeans, no really, I don't have one pair that fits or that doesn't have holes in them. I haven't bought any jeans since way before I got pregnant and my husband says that I can't wear my maternity jeans forever. After all she is 9 months old. Ok so I know I didn't look at any second hand stores for jeans for me but honestly I dont' think I have any in the area or anywhere remotely close. If you know of one in Crowley or around Wilmer/Lancaster please let me know. I did how ever look at Wal-mart, Target, Burlington Coat Factory, and Ross first, trying to find something cheap. They had NOTHING that fit me. I hate buying jeans this always happens. Before I got pregnant, if I found a pair of jeans that fit me right I would buy 3-4 pairs that were excatly the same. Any how, that's how I ended up at the mall. I did find some jeans that fit great though. I also found Old Navy, Gymboree, Kids Footlocker, and Baby Gap. I'm having huge buyers remorse today. Old Navy of course had baby clothes on sale and a shirt for me. Gymboree is having their Baby Sale, Kids Footlocker had some pink Converse for the baby (not against the rules and she really did need them so I won't be taking these back), and at Baby Gap they had this cute onesie that I got for someone as a gift. I'm thinking I should take all that back but the jeans and the baby's shoes. What do you think? I have a problem.

Well that sounds like a bunch of excues but it feels good to out myself.


  1. Since you asked, and I mean this in the nicest way possible... you need to take it all back. Keep the jeans if you "need" them & the shoes 'cause you're gonna have to buy shoes, but I think you should take the rest back. You just don't have the money for it in your current situation. Sorry. It sucks. But don't make it worse. ((hugs))
    I think there is a resale shop in Waxahachie, but don't quote me on that. Red Oak used to have a resale shop w/profits going to some shelter or something, but I was SO not into resale back then, so I couldn't tell you where (or if I made it up, lol). Maybe Duncanville and/or Cedar Hill has one???

  2. Yes your right which is why I will be taking it all back. I bought the outfits for Abby to take her 9 month old pics in but I didn't. I found something cute she already had. I need to go looking around to find a resale shop, just haven't had time yet.

  3. Hi Nichole,
    I agree, the items that violated your rules must go back. But don't be too hard on yourself about it. We all mess up, and you have the chance to fix this by returning the stuff. It is just stuff after all, stuff you don't really need. Your kid is adorable in anything she wears!

    I looked up Goodwill and there are several in the towns you mention above. Go to and then Store Locator and put in any zip code. You'll see there are several stores in the DFW area. I'm a huge fan of Goodwill stores, but you have to look around a lot. Also, go to a store in a wealthier area and you'll find better stuff!

    Good luck! I think this is a great thing that you're doing!

  4. *hugs* I agree the things should go back. I know how hard this is!! Lots and lots of *hugs*

    What size jeans do you wear? I am trying to sell two new BRAND NEW jeans that I bought back in November online. One pair I've never worn and the other I wore like twice. They fit, but they aren't long enough as I am really tall. (5'6) They are Abercrombie...lmk if you are interested and we can work out something.....*hugs* again!